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Hey Glittering Gems of Perth! ✨ Locally Adorned is Here and It’s Going to be Lush!

Hey there, beautiful people! 💖 We at Locally Adorned are beyond thrilled to share our passion project with you all. Coming this November 11, from 10 am to 4 pm, we're taking over the dreamy Supreme Court Gardens to bring you Perth’s Premier Jewellery and Accessories Market Series. Imagine a day, bathed in sunlight and glitter, where the lush greens play host to our city’s most fabulous creators. Sounds like a sparkly dream, right?

Now, why should you get as hyped as we are? Because we’ve got the GOODS! 🌈 Unlike the usual markets you might stumble upon, we’re turning up the volume and focusing solely on all things shiny, chic, and oh-so-gorgeous. Our tribe of local artisans are spilling their creativity, heart, and soul into pieces that are just waiting to adorn you. From ethereal trinkets to statement pieces that scream *you*, there’s a story behind each creation that we're so excited to share.

And, to our brilliantly creative stallholders — this is your catwalk! 💃🕺 With our events changing locations across Perth’s diverse landscape, each quarter offers a fresh stage, a new backdrop, and a chance to connect with a fabulous, ever-evolving audience. It's your moment to shine, shimmer, and showcase.

For everyone planning to join our sparkly soiree, brace yourselves! Not only will you be sashaying home with some killer finds, but you'll also be diving deep into interactive sessions, mingling with our city’s best creatives, and supporting the vibrant tapestry of local talent. Every bauble, every bangle, every brooch you pick up? That's you cheering for our local gems.

So, glitter gang, gather your squads, don your brightest outfits, and let’s make November 11 a day of dazzle, discovery, and heaps of fun. With open arms and a trunk full of treasures, we at Locally Adorned are ready and raring to welcome every shade of fabulous that is YOU. Let’s celebrate, elevate and let our collective brilliance shine through!

**P.S.** Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest buzz, behind-the-scenes peeks, and a whole lot of sparkle. See you there, you fabulous unicorns! 🦄🌟 Launch Event:

November 11 2023

10am - 4pm

Supreme Court Gardens, Perth

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