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Wild Silk Couture & Workshop: Crafting Sustainable Elegance

Today, we're learning more about Deborah Gill, the driving force behind Wild Silk Couture & Workshop. Her journey is a testament to creativity, unwavering dedication, and a deep-rooted commitment to natural and sustainable fashion. Join us as we delve into what sets Wild Silk apart.

Origins of Wild Silk

The Wild Silk story began in 2019 as a small bridal and formal wear couture business, co-founded by a Mother-Daughter duo with extensive experience in the industry. Their shared passion for natural and sustainable fibre fabrics, particularly pure Mulberry Silks, led them to design and create high-quality, individual garments and products.

They firmly believe that the fashion industry should embrace natural fibres, low carbon footprint products to benefit the planet and our well-being. This commitment to sustainability and quality materials laid the foundation for Wild Silk.

Adapting to Change

In 2020, when the world faced lockdowns, wedding cancellations, and reschedules, Wild Silk adapted swiftly. They expanded their offerings to include an online store for beauty and fashion accessories made from Mulberry Silk and Bamboo textiles. This move eventually led them to participate in market events from December 2020 onwards.

Fast forward to 2023, and they are thriving. They enjoy showcasing their beautiful Silk range at market events, collaborating with collective stockists, and fulfilling custom-made orders. All of their products are proudly handcrafted in their busy workshop in Madeley, Perth, Western Australia. They are committed to using eco-friendly packaging with minimal carbon footprints, whenever possible.

Crafting Quality

Wild Silk Couture & Workshop follows the principles of "Slow Fashion," which involves manufacturing in "real time" based on demand while maintaining ethical business practices. They use natural Mulberry silk, known for its health benefits, sourced from Asian silk farms and textile mills. The process involves unraveling silkworm cocoons, spinning them into thread, and weaving them into fabric.

Their choice of "low-carbon footprint" natural and sustainable textiles stands in stark contrast to the mass overproduction of low-quality, synthetic clothing items that often end up as landfill waste. Creating with natural fiber textiles is both rewarding and challenging. It demands clever designing, skilled craftsmanship, and a commitment to quality that aligns with their ethos.

Full-Time Dedication

Deborah and Petrisse made Wild Silk their full-time business venture in 2019, and it continues to thrive despite the challenges of recent years. They appreciate the creative freedom and direction that full-time entrepreneurship offers. Brainstorming new ideas and designs is at the core of their passion for the business.

Struggles during the Pandemic

While external challenges include coping with the impact of the 2020 Covid restrictions, rising fuel costs, and the general cost of living, personally, they juggle family responsibilities, creative endeavours, and maintaining energy levels. The abundance of project ideas and the limited hours in a day are challenges they embrace.

Future Aspirations

Wild Silk's vision is to uphold their commitment to a less synthetic, mass-produced world. They aim to educate and inform, expanding selectively throughout Australia with their products and practices. Their belief in sustainable fashion and natural textiles remains unwavering.

Love for the Market

The Local Adorned market presents a fresh opportunity for Wild Silk in the realm of fashion accessories and jewellery in Perth. They are eager to embrace this change and promote Mulberry silk and Bamboo as superior alternatives to cotton and linen for hair accessories.

A Special Offer

In November, Wild Silk is offering a 10% discount on all gift box orders. This includes Wild Silk set gift boxes or your own selection of products, available online or at market events. It's the perfect opportunity to explore and invest in their exquisite offerings. Don't miss their special offer at our Locally Adorned Market this Saturday at Supreme Court Gardens, 10am-4pm!

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